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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
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Golf Video CaddySeeing your golf swing on video is a great way to learn what you are doing right and doing wrong. After using my Video Caddy a few times I can see that my “granny over-the-top off plane jerky epileptic seizure on crack” swing has many issues to fix.

Video Caddy Overview

The Video Caddy is a camera mount which is intended for use on golf carts or an object which the mount’s clamp can get it’s beefy teeth attached to. The small size of the mount is much more convenient than bringing a bulky tripod to the range or onto the golf course.


The great thing about the Video Caddy is how beefy and strong the components are. This piece of equipment is going to last a long time. The clamp section which attaches it to the golf cart or other items is so strong you could use it to tow a boat. The knobs, shaft and head are all equally as impressive.

golf video caddyComponent features

The top section has some very nice features. One great feature is the 360 degree bubble level (right) which can help you level your shots completely. Many tripods have no level, or only a 180 degree line level which can’t give you as accurate of a reading.

The adjustments available with the ball and socket joint at the end of the mount mean you can mount the Video Caddy at just about any angle and still position the camera at a perfect angle.

The removable part of the head which the camera attaches to securely stays on and has a safety latch so you don’t accidentally have the camera falling off the mount. There’s a wing nut screw which goes into the camera which is much better than the typical tripod flat head screw. Out in the field sometimes you don’t have a flat head screwdriver or something to tighten down the camera.

Many more uses than just golf

Having a nice camera mount like this is useful for any situation you need to mount a camera, not just on the golf course. I have used my Video Caddy to mount my still and video cameras at family parties, kid school programs and more. I currently have it clamped to the top of my PowerMac. With my video camera attached to my computer I can easily dump my videos in without having my camera take up desk space.

Golf Video CaddyCritiques

Being so beefy an sturdy, the Video Caddy isn’t light. It is fairly heavy. So if you are a walker and carrying your golf bag, the unit will add a substantial amount of weight to your load.


The Video Caddy is a great tool to help with your golf swing or help get the group shot at your family reunion. It is fun mounting the camera to a motorized golf cart and chasing geese off the course too!

More images

For more images of the Video Caddy, click here.

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