PERFECT PENDULUM: Turn your putter into a belly putter

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
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Perfect Pendulum Golf Putting DeviceSome say the perfect putting stroke should be like a pendulum.  I agree.  I try to get the triangle my shoulders, arms and hands form, to move as one single unit.  I try to get that triangle moving like a pendulum, smooth back and through.

Some would argue that you have a much more pendulum like stroke with a long putter or a belly putter anchored to your body.  Fred Couples went to the belly putter a long time ago and putts much better as a result.

Perfect Pendulum

The Perfect Pendulum is a device which attaches to the end of a regular putter and provides an expandable extension, allowing you to turn your putter into a long putter or a belly putter.  By turning your own putter into a belly putter you can get the feel and practice that belly stroke with a club which is familiar.  When you have the feel nailed down you can remove the device and presumably retain that pendulum action.


Installation is super easy.  The device fits on the top of the putter grip and tightens down via a strap.  I found it was necessary to really be sure it was on tight so the putter felt more like one unit.

Perfect Pendulum Golf Putting DeviceOn the practice green

I tried the Perfect Pendulum with my MacGregor Face-Off putter, which is a 34 inch model.  I was easily able to extend the putter to belly or long putter length (long putter meaning the end of the shaft is roughly between your breasts anchoring to your sternum).

Putting with the Perfect Pendulum installed is interesting.  It seems to help take the real jerky putts out of play.  Even better, it really helps prevent you from breaking your wrists.

I let my pal Dave try the Perfect Pendulum when I ran into him the other day on the practice green.  He is much taller than me at six foot four.  He had no problem configuring the Perfect Pendulum with his putter for his height.

Dave’s exact quote was “I don’t like a lot of the gadgets you show me but I like this one.”  Dave practices more than Vijay Singh and is always looking to find the groove.

Chipping and full swing

I have a buddy who probably has the best short game of anyone I know.  One of the drills he does involves extending his wedge shaft with an old broken shaft so that it extends down his arm.  This helps his chipping path and arm positions.

This same effect can be done much better with the Perfect Pendulum.  Just extend the unit all the way.  You could actually grip the club correctly without having to hold another shaft.

Vijay Singh and many other golfers use old shafts as part of drills for their full swing as well.  Once again, rather than gripping another shaft, the Perfect Pendulum extends the club without forcing you to change your basic grip.

Perfect Pendulum Images

I have a few more images of the Perfect Pendulum, including installtion, in my Perfect Pendulum Photo Album.

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