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Nearly cutting his arm in half won’t stop my friend Brian from golfing

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 30th, 2008
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Golfinator Four

Golfinator Four: Judgement Swing

I have a friend named Brian who I’ve played dozens of rounds of golf with. A couple of weeks ago I ran into Brian in the pro shop and saw a bizarre contraption on his arm. No it wasn’t the next version of the swing jacket. No he wasn’t auditioning for Terminator 4. It was a medical device.

What happened?

Brian is a sculptor. He was sculpting a very large project, about a 10 foot tall block of marble. While cutting the marble, the motorized rock cutter slipped and went right into his forearm. The blade cut right through all of his muscle and tendons/ligaments to about half way through the bone. His fingers immediately curled under because the ligaments on the underside didn’t have any resistance.

Brian nearly bled to death.

Can’t resist golfing

Just a few weeks later Brian couldn’t stand it anymore and started practice putting with one hand. I did that when I dislocated my shoulder skiing a few years back. Eventually he started chipping one handed and finally went out on the course.

Here’s a video of my crazy friend teeing off on the #4 hole from the freaking black tees:

Brian’s prognosis is good and he should have “most” of the functionality of his arm and hand back eventually.

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