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Resurrect your old golf shoes with Lamkin shoe inserts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 29th, 2008
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Lamkin is famous for making great golf grips. But Lamkin now also offers very nice shoe inserts.

Easy 2-step install

1. Take out old insert
2. Put in Lamkin insert

Boy that was tough… If you pick these golf shoe inserts up, you may need to refer to my detailed installation instructions a few times. Just bookmark this post.

Lamkin golf shoe insert

On the course

I was happy to resurrect a pair of my old Adidas golf shoes with these Lamkin inserts. One of the inserts on the Adidas had bunched up so I just peeled off the top layer. I had two different feeling shoes after that and never wore them again, despite how comfortable they were. Now I have my good old black golf shoes back in the rotation since I put these Lamkin golf shoe inserts in, and they’re even more comfortable.

No info on the Lamkin web site

You’d never know Lamkin made golf shoe inserts since their entire web site has absolutely no mention of them at all as of this golf blog post.


A reader sent me a link which goes to the actual Lamkin soles web page. This is an entirely different site, which didn’t pop up when I googled around looking for it. Strangely there’s no link to this site from the Lamkin grips site. Maybe the soles are so new they haven’t gotten to that yet.

One response to “Resurrect your old golf shoes with Lamkin shoe inserts”

  1. kovogolf says:

    Are they water filled?