Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, June 26th, 2008
Categories: Golf MediaMiscellaneous

DelindaI have a new friend named Delinda who I met at the Team Challenge a couple of weeks ago.   Delinda has a unique web site and angle on athletes, including golfers.  Delinda writes about the more “celebrity” aspect of athletes, focusing on the good work they can do with their popularity and checkbooks.  If there are athletes doing good deeds for charities and other noble causes, Delinda’s web site is the place to get the scoop.  It’s also the place for you ladies (or heterosexually challenged men I suppose) to get the latest on male “golf hotties” like Camilo Villegas.

Camilo VillegasDelinda: “While my site started as a platform to objectify the hotties, it seems that its taken on a life of its own and demanded that I pay closer attention to the ‘good guys’. As I continued my research into hot male athletes, I discovered that aside from just looking sexy, some of these guys are out there donating their time, money and efforts to make this world just a little bit better.”

It was a “unique” experience hanging out at the swimming pool in my speedo with Delinda, while she was telling me how hot Camilo was….

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