BagBoy CLIP-LOK Stand Bag Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, June 19th, 2008
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I’ve owned dozens of BagBoy golf products over the years, including probably 15 different golf pull carts. I even had one with a retractable seat which was super cool. Now I have a BagBoy CLIP-LOK Stand Bag to add to my collection.

bagboy clip-lok golf stand bagBagBoy CLIP-LOK stand bag overview

The BagBoy CLIP-LOK Stand Bag is a super light and stylish carry bag with retractable legs. There are numerous cool features, tons of storage, insulated water pocket and the “CLIP-LOK” 14-way organizer top.

CLIP-LOK Organizer

The CLIP-LOK organizer (pictured above the bag right) is a very cool club divider. There are 14 separate sections which keep your clubs organized, but the really unique and pioneering idea is the small club locks which hold the clubs tight. The locks keep the clubs from banging against each other and making that “clickety-clack” sound when you’re walking. When you’re walking the course with a carry bag you typically have to stop while other people are hitting so that your club knocking noises don’t bother them. Now you can keep walking. If your bag turns upside down, the locks also prevent your clubs from sliding out.

One problem I have with the CLIP-LOK organizer is the height of the clips. It is very easy to clip in all the clubs which rest on the bottom of the bag. My wedges are all standard length. If I want to clip my wedges in I have to actually lift them up about 1-2 inches because the hosels are too thick to fit in the clips. It’s not terribly easy or convenient to lift the clubs and clip them in. A design suggestion would be to lower the wedge section a couple of inches.

More pockets than a NYC fake Rolex salesman

The CLIP-LOK has a ton of pockets. 11 to be exact. For a lightweight carry bag, this thing has a ton of storage space. There’s plenty of space for all you’ll need, from rain gear to a couple dozen balls. The CLIP-LOK also has an insulated beverage pocket to keep your drinks cold in the summer heat.

bagboy clip-lok golf stand bagCarry strap

The carry strap has some good and bad qualities to it.

The good would be the width and shape of the strap. The weight is distributed well and makes the bag seem light. The strap is also an “air filled” cushioned plastic. It’s sort of the Nike Air of golf bag straps.

There are two bad parts of the strap. First, theres some abrasive material on the inside of the strap. My golf pal noticed that my arm was bleeding. My arm had a bunch of scratches on it, some were bleeding. It took me a bit to figure out I was scraping my left arm on this abrasive material as I was sliding the left strap on my shoulder. Second, there is a metal ring which the strap attaches to. That ring pokes me in the back and it doesn’t feel all that good. I keep my bag fairly high up on my back since I have a bad lower back. Perhaps if I wore the bag lower this ring wouldn’t be so irritating.

Flexible bottom

Hey we could all use a flexible bottom couldn’t we? The bottom of the CLIP-LOK flexes flat to accommodate standing the bag straight up for use on electric carts or pull/push carts. The bottom flexes at an an angle for when you’re leaning the bag on its legs. This is a very cool feature.

bagboy clip-lok golf stand bagOn the course

I don’t “carry” too often anymore with my bad back. But I religiously carried this bag for several rounds, and used it on my push cart and electric carts. I really like the way the clubs clip in and provide you a quiet walk. The CLIP-LOK also prevents your clubs from accidentally falling out of your bag. See the picture of me to the right holding my bag upside down and no clubs falling out!

The bag is extremely light and easy to carry, even on my sensitive back. As light as it is, there’s still plenty of room for all the apparel, tees, balls, beverages you’ll need in 18 holes.

The bag is quite good looking as well. It’s easy on the eyes.


As I mentioned before, the strap has the abrasive material which scratched my arm. If I had the strap more loose that may not have happened, but I like it tight. The metal ring which attaches the straps to the bag was quite a problem for me. I had to actually carry the bag a bit out of balance to keep the ring from hurting. The strap is close, but needs some work. I’ve seen other bags which don’t attach the strap with a ring. Rather the strap itself is attached to the bag and some even wrap around the bag. That may be a better plan.

My other critique which I also mentioned previously, is with the CLIP-LOK system. Some small tweaks there and it will be a winner. I find it hard to believe that nobody at BagBoy noticed that standard wedges (52, 56, 60) need to be lifted up in order to clip them in. A 1-2 inch adjustment there and it would be good to go.


BagBoy has put some pioneering design and engineering ideas into play with the CLIP-LOK system. The bag is good looking, light, easy to use and has tons of storage. I do think BagBoy fell a bit short in a couple of areas, but I’m betting that version 2.0 of the CLIP-LOK will address those issues and produce a real winner.

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