Disappointing TGC U.S. OPEN evening coverage

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 13th, 2008
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I’m in the midst of a large project in my “other” world so I didn’t get a chance to watch any of the U.S. Open today. Other than checking the leaderboard about 8 hours ago I have no idea what happened today.

So I tune in to TGC’s (Tiger is God Channel) coverage of the U.S. Open. In what seemed like close to 30 straight minutes of watching the show I saw about 500 commercials, two “feel good” pieces and two actual golf swings from the Open. No leaderboard. No highlights. The only thing I did come away from the program with was that Phil Mickelson played today without a driver and still beat Tiger Woods by one shot.

Commercial to shot ratio

I’m betting that if I were to roll that last 30 minutes back on my DVR, the commercial count would dwarf the actual shot count from the tournament. Come on TGC (Tiger Golf Channel), get it together and show me some golf shots and maybe even show a leaderboard? OK?

I’m too tired to watch my DVR recording so I guess I’ll have to go to some of my regular online stops to get today’s details. I can’t stand watching any more TGC (Tiger is God Channel) talking golf heads or more commercials.

3 responses to “Disappointing TGC U.S. OPEN evening coverage”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    They should ALWAYS have an alphabetical ticker that shows scores in a corner THE ENTIRE TIME. THE ENTIRE TIME. Live golf, the recap show, news coverage, whatever. And speed it up too so the names flash by quickly.

    I watched some of the Lakers game tonight and it was a pleasure to always know what the score was… Not just the leader but the opponent’s score as well. Watch a golf tournament though and you never know what the score is – who is 3 shots back? How is Freddy doing? Who is going to make the cut? How did the players I picked on my fantasy team do? Those are reasons people tune in to watch golf on TV – but they never give you those answers… Once again, proves my theory that you can’t watch TV unless you’re sitting at a computer to get the basics elsewhere.

    As for the show more golf argument, I’m with you on that as well – but what do we know – maybe they get better ratings if they dumb it all down for the viewers into things for viewers to gossip about. Like how they do it with politics – no substance, they show a 10 second soundbite of the debate that had potential drama in it with 30 seconds of talking heads spinning it into entertainment or agenda – while ignoring the core.

    Yikes, I almost started talking politics there – sorry 🙂

  2. They did have a ticker to give them credit.

    Politics? Hillary all the way to the white house, not. There you go.

  3. Miranda says:

    I wish the tickers could be just a little bit taller – I can barely see the names on my 26 inch tv. I can’t read any of the names on ESPN.

    I agree, you have to have a computer to watch golf. I had to log on as soon as I got home from work to see where Sergio finished up because I knew I would only see Tiger and Phil this evening on the coverage. I might get a glimpse of Adam as he steps in front of a media camera’s view of Tiger and incurs the wrath of some Tiger obsessed cameraman.

    The Golf Channel should do 5 minutes of just plain highlights and leaderboard news every half hour and limit the Tiger and Phil references in those 5 minutes to the fewest of seconds so everyone can be updated on what happened each day. They can have the rest of the time to do the fluff pieces and harass Dave Pelz over Phil’s decision to not use a driver. Hmm… Phil’s got how many majors compared to Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo? I don’t know if I’d be questioning him. And one more thing I noticed about the Golf Channel. Last night’s Live From show they kept saying they would talk about Adam Scott’s finger and how he’s doing, but they didn’t. They interviewed Dave Pelz and talked more about Tiger’s knee. I guess I’ll try to find some Adam Scott news on google.

    My two cents on politics: I don’t vote because I got nailed for jury duty the first time I ever did and I’m protesting, but if I did vote, I would have voted for Hillary but now that she’s out I would vote for McCain. Obama’s inexperience on the world stage scares me.





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