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I met Big Break III’s Debbie Dahmer

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 7th, 2008
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Me and Debbie DahmerLast night at the VIP party a pretty lady was walking by who I recognized. I grabbed her arm and said hello. It was Debbie Dahmer of Big Break III fame. Somehow I seem to meet ladies from the Big Break series at many golf events. I just try to keep my eyes open at these deals because you never know who is going to be there.

Debbie was super cool and we talked shop for a very long time. She introduced me to John Daly’s adopted mother and told me many cool stories of caddying for the likes of superstar athletes like John Elway and PGA Tour players like Stuart Appleby. I especially liked the story of how she parred the #18th at the Old Course at St. Andrews at 2am after a night of partying in the pubs.

golf bra Debbie DahmerDebbie is involved in the golf world in many ways, including the most entertaining Pro’s Fore Charity. She puts on clinics where she has men put on bras and see what it is like to swing with breasts. Perhaps that’s the edge I need to put my game up to the next level? Ben Wright should be the announcer for this clinic.

The VIP party moved up to the club on the 12th floor where we saw one of John Daly’s ex-wives on the dance floor. Between her and her friend who looked just like her, there was enough silicon to supply Good Year with materials for quite some time. Most of the other big stars were there, Barkley, Strahan and many others.

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