Team Challenge Pro-Am Day Press Room

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 6th, 2008
Categories: Golf Media

Current scene: I’m in “meeting room #2” a.k.a. the press room for the Team Challenge. I’m drafting up my post for today’s event. But this scene required that I do a post about doing a post…

Comedian Martin Short is sitting to my left, working on his routine for tonight’s VIP party. Just him and me in the room. He wouldn’t let me interview him though. Through the wall next door the Charlie Daniels band is having their sound check. Kick drum, kick drum, snare, snare, bass, keys, keys, fiddle fiddle…

THEN it happened. The guitar player started playing. The tone was perfect. The notes were perfect. He was playing “Circumstances” by Rush.

In the background I hear a lady walking by and all I hear her say is “my panties are everywhere.”

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