Team Challenge Day 1

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 6th, 2008
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Greetings from my “suite” in the Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino in Indio California. Indio is just a few miles east of Palm Springs, or in my case, an $80 cab ride.

It’s 12:30am and I’ve just gotten settled in my remote office and had a pretty darn good slice of $3.00 pepperoni pizza. In case anyone is wondering, the pizza joint here closes at 5am. Better hurry.

Five minutes after I got here there was a knock on my door. “Open up in there. This is the Palm Springs police department!” It was actually my pal Jay Flemma, doing his Cheech & Chong impersonation. I said “hold on, let me hide the drugs first” as I flushed the toilet.

Jay showed me around the resort and gave me the lowdown on the happenings. While milling about we ran into Ozzie Smith, George Gervin and we said hello to Charles Barkley. Chuck was sort of busy at the bar though and he probably had no idea we were world famous golf bloggers. I’m sure he would have warmed up to us if he knew. Man… I wouldn’t get into a “broad chest contest” with Mr. Barkley.

Jay gave me the privilege of letting me read some of the writing he’s doing. This guy is a talented writer who writes with two fingers and has the demeanor of a chipmunk on speed.

Speaking of world famous golf bloggers, I was sad to hear that Kristen (Golf Chick) and Patricia (Golf Girl) weren’t going to attend. I wish Golf Girl my best with her ailing father.

Snubbed by the head of Fox Sports Net

Apparently being a world famous golf blogger wasn’t enough for me to hold my position as a partner on Michael Strahan’s pro-am team. The top brass of Fox Sports flexed some of their muscle and booted little old me off the team. My “don’t you know who I am?” routine always works with the Riverton City Police department, but fell on deaf ears here. How can the top brass of one of the largest sports networks on the planet have priority over a golf blogger who’s footprint on the sports world is about one gazillionth of theirs? What a shame.

So as it sits, I have no idea who I’m playing with in the pro-am now. But the good news is that all of the 16 “pros” are superstar athletes in their respective sports. So wether it is Brett Hull or George Brett, its all good. Maybe I’ll end up golfing with Martin Short, who is here as well. Hey if Martin Short hits a putt that doesn’t get there, is it “a little Short?”

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