Golfed with George Brett in the Team Challenge Pro-Am!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 6th, 2008
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The Pro-Am in the Team Challenge today was a blast. I got to play with none other than hall of fame baseball player George Brett! I was bummed I didn’t get to play with Michael Strahan, but after playing with my new buddy George I’m quite happy. It was especially cool when he threw my golf ball to me, left handed of course. I was a blast to catch a Brett throw!

George is an athlete. His eye/hand coordination is so focused it is amazing. His left handed golf swing is a thing of beauty and he generates a ton of power. His tempo is smooth and calm and he hits the sweet spot of the club all the time. He was damn near hitting his hybrid farther than my driver.

George has such a friendly and vibrant personality you can tell he was a great locker room guy. He’d be the guy you’d want as a life long pal and definitely the one to throw you a bachelor party.

Here’s a video of George Brett’s golf swing:

Pine Tar

After three holes of watching Brett smash “pro distance” shots, I could resist no more and I dropped a pine tar comment. Brett said, “That’s a world record! It took three holes for someone to mention it!”

The whole round was awesome and I managed to hit some great shots and a few Colonel Clinkers.

A few words with John Elway

I chatted for a few minutes with John Elway. Man I loved watching him play football. He didn’t know what the quarterback slide was. He just lowered his shoulders and plowed over linebackers.

Me: John how is your golf game?
Elway: Good.
Me: You’re playing to a one handicap?
Elway: Yup.
Me: So is there anything from football that translates to the game of golf?
Elway: Nope. Absolutely nothing!
Me: I loved the way you never slid and you put a hit on people when you left the pocket.
Elway: (laughs) That causes a lot of pain later in life (limping while walking).
Me: I bet. I can see that.

I also had some small chats with Jason Kidd, Mario Lemieux and Ozzie Smith was especially nice.

The desert heat has kicked my cranium and I have a mind splitting headache. I need to go rehydrate before the evening’s festivities.

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