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NYT: Is Tiger Woods the best athlete ever?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 1st, 2008
Categories: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods New York TimesI drop by the New York Times web site daily. At the top of the first page today is a picture of Tiger Woods. It is amazing that Tiger can be on the first page of the NYT when he hasn’t played in weeks and is down due to injury.

Clicking through takes you to a reader poll asking if Tiger Woods is the best athlete ever. As of right now 72% of the voters said a resounding NO.

Regardless of whether people think he’s the best athlete ever, Tiger will certain go down as the richest.

2 responses to “NYT: Is Tiger Woods the best athlete ever?”

  1. Not yet, for sure. Tiger would perhaps fall in the category of the most likely candidate to be the greatest athlete ever but since that does not sound half as cool as the greatest athlete ever we will just let that be.

    Personally, he still has some way to go and a few more things to accomplish in the game just to be rated as the greatest golfer ever. No doubt he is on the path and there seems to be no immediate hurdle in his path.

    But such is the nature of sports and the beauty that there are so many glorious uncertainties and one would be foolish to set it in stone and say someone is the greatest, period.

    Maybe a grand slam would help his cause or perhaps an unbeaten season. That could have been the story of 2008 but that was not to be, but then Tiger is capable of just about anything.



  2. That’s an interesting discussion. I bet the same question was posed at Jordan’s glory days but he kind of faded away from the radar by now (the short stint with the Wizards probably didn’t help).

    No doubt Tiger has taken the game to a whole new level, both popularity and payoffs wise, and more is like to come, but I’d vote “no” for the best athlete and “yes” for one of the best.