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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 30th, 2008
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O In One Golf ApparelI’ve got to hand it to my friend Pat from the new Canadian based golf apparel company, “O In One.” She’s a highly motivated, persistent and outgoing lady. You’d have to be to try and compete in the golf apparel industry. With her dedication, persistence and unique products, she just might make it in the tough golf business.

O In One Golf Overview

O In One makes men’s and women’s golf apparel. Their current lineup includes golf shirts, hats and towels. Their web site is fairly new and the product images aren’t great, but that’ll improve with time and budget.

The trademark and unique feature of the O In One line is the “O” which can be found on the shirt collar and on the towel. The O is not just a logo, but an actual hole which goes through the item. The O on the shirt collar is a convenient place to put your sunglasses while at the 19th hole.

Men’s and women’s O In One golf shirts

I’ve got three O In One shirts. I really like them. I have two of the ribbed cotton versions, which are 55% cotton and 45% polyester. They’re very soft and comfortable. They come out of the wash and don’t really need ironing if you dry them lightly and/or hang dry them. After several washes they’re still very soft and they didn’t shrink.

O In One Golf ApparelMy favorite O In One shirt is my black one. It’s the O In One eXtreme eDry. This one is made of polyester, 100%. It’s very light, especially for hot days. It doesn’t wrinkle and the cut and fit are awesome.

Manly O In One Golf Towels

Golf towels are golf towels, unless they’re O In One’s version. The towels are very soft and plush. Of course they have the trademark “O” in them.

The best part of the towels though, is the clip. I’ve never liked the wimpy clips towels usually come with. O In One uses a many towel clip similar to what mountain climbers use to clip their ropes. The clip has a spring loaded release too, so you can take it off your bag and put it back on easily.

O In One Golf ApparelFun win the O In One

I couldn’t resist messing around. I found that you can mount not only sunglasses in the collar O, but other golf items. In this image I’ve mounted my MacGregor Face-Off putter face change tool kit, my Frogger Brush Pro Golf Brush, and a golf towel. I did find though, that having these items hanging from my collar during my golf swing was a bit distracting.


I’m a new fan of the O In One brand of apparel and accessories. They’re off to a heck of a start with some very nice shirt offerings. The towels and hats are very nice as well, especially the manly clips which allow me to easily take them to the green.

O In One Images

For more images of O In One products, visit the O In On Gallery.

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