Back from Arches National Park

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Sunday, May 18th, 2008
Categories: LifeTravel

I’m SO tired. I hiked 20 miles in two days in the hot desert of Arches National Park. Arches National Park is my favorite place on this planet, or any other.

I’m a bit gimpy right now, because of the huge blister on my left foot.

I’m just washing all the sand out of my ears now. But soon I’ll post some details and pictures of my incredible four day excursion!

My sites always go down when I’m out of town

I guess The Golf Space went down for a bit while I was hiking amongst the red rocks. Scruffy (Dan Smith) gets some major kudos (and karma) for helping me out and letting me know the site went down. I was on the road but found a nice place which let me get online to fix up the site and get it back up. Special thanks to the Holiday Inn Express in Moab, Utah. Yes, just like the Holiday Inn Express ads: “How did I get the site back up and running? At a Holiday Inn Express…”

New Bobby Jones clubs

There were some golf clubs on my door step waiting for me when I got back. Can’t wait to tell you about them. Soon to be reviewed will be the new Bobby Jones driver and Bobby Jones wedges!

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