Wish me luck

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
Categories: Life

No I’m not on my way to play in a golf tournament. I’m on my way to the DMV. 🙁

I’m bringing a huge coffee and my laptop. That should help pass the time for the estimated 2-3 hours I’ll be there…

3 responses to “Wish me luck”

  1. Eat Golf says:

    I went to cash a check at the bank the other day and they gave me a hard time because my DL was expired… WTF! oh yeah, I just had a birthday. The bank was cool and then I went from there straight to the dmv ( the department of moter vehicles – the place where you get a driver’s license in California… )

    The lady behind the counter was all “ok you just need to renew it, no problem, pay this tiny fee, and that tiny fee and then there will just be this multiple choice test for you to pass… Holy Cow – the test wasn’t easy! You can only miss three questions. Do you yield if there is a trolly in the third lane? (southern california has no trollies so no clue).. does it take 1/4th of a mile to stop if you are on the freeway? If a blind person is standing near the curb at the crosswalk should you rev your engine…?

    In the line to turn in my test, the three people in front of me all failed… When they checked mine, the lady gave me a surprised look and said “nice job you passed…”

    HA HA!!

    Anyway, I took it cold turkey and ended up passing it and only missing one question. When I was taking it I kept thinking which answer “Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby” would figure out and choose and I came out golden!

    Hope your trip to the dreaded DMV worked out. The DMV’s around here now have pull a ticket number style lines so it cuts the hassle way down.

    PS – If you don’t know who DCI Barnaby is yet… go netflick a Mid Somer mystery movie episode – that’s the best who done it type show ever. If you haven’t seen one or even heard of it yet.. this is me clueing you in – like the Sopranos or Seinfeld.. that’s another show worth seeing 🙂

  2. I passed the test. Got my new license. Missed one question and I never found out which one so I’m dying wondering about it.

  3. Eat Golf says:

    Love how they take your picture:

    “put your feet on the yellow line..”

    ** you look down, see where the yellow line is, scoot over to it, line your feet up, stand just perfect on it **

    Then as you begin to look back up off the floor thinking to yourself “okay, I’m ***CLICK*** centered on the yellow line I’ll now look straight at the camera and smile..”

    Oh that’s it? Funny, I never saw the camera flash..






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