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Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
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tattoo golf driver cover

I’m writing this review on my MacBook while in line at the DMV to get my driver’s license renewed. There’s nothing more thilling than seeing that you’re #510 in line and they just called "now serving #137 at window 13."

This is the 3rd and final post in my series on Tattoo Golf head covers. I previously coverered the TG mallet and blade putter covers. Today I’m covering the Tattoo Golf driver cover.

It’s always good to have protection

Golf gear isn’t cheap. Drivers cost $200-$800, with some very high end models costing even more. The covers many of the drivers come with are adequate, but if you’re going to spend $500 on a piece of gear, why not upgrade the cover and protect that investment?

Materials & design

The Tattoo Golf driver cover easily houses and protects a 460cc driver, the largest driver size allowable by the USGA and R&A. In the vein of Tattoo Golf’s genre, the cover is black leather and sports the awesome "skull and golf club bones" Tattoo Golf logo.

tattoo golf driver cover

The neck of the cover is plenty long, to protect the shaft of the driver when accessing it or putting it back in the bag. The coolest part of the cover, aside from the skull logo, is the magnetic seal. The neck opens like a pelican’s beak and the edges of the beak have magnets in them. The cover securely stays on the driver, yet opens and closes very easily.

On the course

Once again, I love sporting my Tattoo Golf gear on the course. Like I’ve mentioned numerous times, I love it when the snooty country club types check out my bag and see all the skulls all over my head covers, towels and even my apparel items.

The head cover is very durable and easy to work with. It’s very convenient to remove and install on the driver and helps me keep my mind on the task at hand, hitting a good drive, rather than fussing with a damn head cover I can’t remove.

"Now serving #231 at window 17."

tattoo golf driver cover


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Tattoo Golf’s gear. I probably own more TG accessories and apparel items than any other brand, and believe me, I’ve got a lot of brands in my golf "collection."

The Tattoo Golf driver cover is another excellent offering from my pals at TG and it definitely lives up to the reputation TG has for stylish and well made gear. The cover will not only provide lasting protection for your stiff shaft and oversized head, which is always good, but it will do it in an aggressive and cool style. Pony up the $28 bones and protect that driver investment.

"Now serving #239 at window five." UGH. It isn’t that bad though. At least I have a screaming baby next to me to keep me company.

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  1. Hey Tony,

    I love the product selection at Tattoo Golf, I had no idea who they were until you posted about them last week. Thanks for the enlightenment!

    I’ve got a sweet black poly-dri black Argyle in the mail!

  2. Hey be sure to let them know you found ’em via HOG!





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