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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 5th, 2008
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tattoo golf putter coverTattoo Golf is a friend of Hooked On Golf Blog and The Golf Space. I’m a big fan of their “aggressive” line of golf items, from apparel to accessories. I have a ton of Tattoo Golf shirts, towels, tees and head covers. I recently reviewed the Tattoo Golf Mallet Putter Cover. Now that I’m the midst of doing a product review on the MacGregor Face-Off putter, this also gave me the chance to evaluate the Tattoo Golf Blade Putter Cover.

It is always good to have protection

Ping Zing, Scotty Cameron, MacGregor/Bobby Grace, TaylorMade, Nicklaus Golf. $200, $300, $500… There are many blade putters out there which are beautiful instruments and cost a small fortune. Being that the putter is your most used club, it can be victim to the most dings and scratches. It’s a wise choice to have protection for that investment and even more wise to use the best protection out there, a Tattoo Golf putter cover. For $15, this cover is a no-brainer.

tattoo golf putter coverMaterials

In the spirit of Harley Davidsons, Hell’s Angels and Rock & Roll, the Tattoo putter covers are made with black leather and naturally sport the very cool Tattoo Golf “skull and golf club bones” logo.

The opening of the cover has two magnetic sides which keep the cover on the club securely but still allow for easy placement and removal. I prefer magnetic versus Velcro because over time the Velcro wears out.

The inside of the cover is a nice, soft, plush fabric. It’s almost like velvet or furry on the inside.

On the course

The cover is stylish on the course, especially when I play my weekly round up at the snooty country club. In fact I love sporting all my Tattoo Golf gear up there. I get the funniest looks when I roll in with a golf shirt which meets the dress code yet has a huge skull on it.

The cover is well built and durable and despite how beefy it is, easy to open up and insert or remove the putter. There’s even a hole in the cover meant for mounting a towel hook. That’s nice for those who like to bring a towel to the green to wash their balls. In fact, for about another $5.00 there’s a package you can purchase which comes with a small towel. And yes, of course, the towel does have the Tattoo Golf logo on it.

Great protection and clean balls for about $20!

Both of my Tattoo Golf putter covers are way better than the original covers my putters came with. Plus they’re just plain fun. The Tattoo Golf blade putter cover is a great form of protection, and you don’t want to cut any corners in that department. The cover/towel combo provides great protection and clean balls! Man what a deal!

3 responses to “Tattoo Golf Blade Putter Cover”

  1. kiwi says:

    My god I want one those. And I have never said about any kind of headcover. It’ll suit me and my ink down to a tee

  2. golfprojim says:

    I have some ink on my left leg that would go perfect with this.





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