Three million hits in April

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
Categories: Site News

April is not quite over yet and HOG is at 3,000,000 hits. The only reason I know this is because the site exceeded the largest bandwidth limitation it has ever had, and was temporarily shut down. Fortunately I caught it about 20 minutes after the shutdown. The daily average for April is at 95,000 hits.

I occasionally look for search terms which are “hot” to see what people are looking for and what brings them here. Can you believe that in April of 2008, 197 people found the site by typing in “Natalie Gublis” rather then the correct spelling “Gulbis?” I must have spelled her name wrong at some point and other people are finding that keyword!

One response to “Three million hits in April”

  1. Congratulations 3mil! That’s pretty amazing, keep up the good work! Watch out for me in the fantasy golf league!