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Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Monday, April 28th, 2008
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golfing caddy beverage holderSummer is coming up, or at least that’s a rumor I heard here a couple of days ago during the latest snow storm. If summer does ever arrive, it may be a good idea to make sure you have enough cold beverages on the course. Many golf bags these days have a water bottle holder, but that may not be enough.

Golfing Caddy Overview

The Golfing Caddy is an extra beverage holder for golfers made by BVT Products, which can hold up to a 24oz bottle. The Golfing Caddy can be attached to your golf bag or cart via a very strong 1 1/2″ metal clip, similar to the clips you find mountain climbers using to attach their ropes and climbing gear. The GC also has a wrist strap if you wish to go for a walk without your golf bag but still bring along your insulated beverage. There’s an included water bottle cooler sleeve to keep the beverage insulated when not inside the caddy.


Along with the main insulated beverage pocket, there are two other pockets. The front pocket has a Velcro flap which seals your car keys, wallet, cash or other valuables. The rear pocket is a little bigger and has an elastic, pleated opening. This pouch is well suited to hold sundglasses, cell phones (ringer off on the course, of course) etc.

Key Clip & Great Towel

To round off the “extras” one gets with the Golfing Caddy, there is a key clip and golf towel included. The key clip is a great place to put your keys. I’m always digging around the 87 pockets in my golf bag looking for my keys. With them clamped to the GC’s clip, my keys are easy to find.

The GC comes with an extremely nice golf towel which they say is good for wiping your golf ball. This towel is so soft and plush, because it is made from microfibers. For me, I prefer to keep this towel away from the dirt of cleaning golf balls or clubs, and use it for cleaning my sunglasses.


I have more photos of the Golfing Caddy in the Hooked On Golf Blog BVT Products Gallery.


The Golfing Caddy is a great extra beverage holder for golf bags, golf carts, or just plain toting around when walking or jogging. Along with keeping your beverages nice and cool in the summer heat, the extra pockets and great golf towel are great to have on the course.

If you have a mother or father who golfs, the Golfing Caddy would be a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift.

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