FootJoy enters the golf blogosphere

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
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footjoy golf blogThere have been many large golf companies jumping on the golf blogwagon. Quite frankly, most if not all of them have been failures. All they ended up being was a rehash of their current advertisements, press releases and another outlet for their corporate double talk.

FootJoy has entered the blogosphere at and I’ve been personally told they won’t make the same mistakes other large golf companies have when running their blog. They promise to give some real blog-like perspective, rather than simply spewing out the same old boring corporate lines and press releases.

Is the FootJoy blog a real blog?

Test #1: Blogroll One of the first things I look for in a “blog” is whether or not they have a “blogroll.” A blogroll is a set of links to other blogs or sites. The corporate sites I’ve been critical of in the past have never really had a “blogroll” because they weren’t willing to take their chances legally, or support other sites which may have ads, links, or promotion for their competition.

YES the FJ blog does have a blogroll! Test #1 passed.

Test #2: Comments and trackbacks? Another criteria for me to determine if a site is a valid “blog” is whether it allows comments and/or trackbacks. Attempting to comment… DONE!

Test #2 passed.

Test #3: Personal and unique? Blogs have been popular because they’re a unique and different way of communicating. Blogs are often posted by one person, but can have multiple contributors as well. The personality, quality and uniqueness of each blogger’s posts are what make or break them.

So far the FootJoy blog is uniquely done and personal in nature. From the personal video greeting of president Jim Connor, to the photo tour of their facility in Brockton, MA, so far so good.

Test #3 passed.


I’ve added the FootJoy Blog to the HOG Blogroll here. I wish them luck and hope they can stay with the grass roots approach they’ve started out with.

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