Comcast Customer Service Sucks

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 27th, 2008
Categories: Life

With my recent move, I had the unpleasure of having to deal with Comcast’s customer service. Actually, even using the words “Comcast” and “customer service” in the same sentence should be against the law.

It took 1.5 weeks from when I requested it, to have my service transfered a few hundred yards down the street. I specifically told them that I’d be using the service and keeping my home office intact at my old location until the switch. Sure enough, I get calls on my cell phone from friends asking why my phone is “no longer in service.”

I call Comcast on my cell and I have to punch no less than 20 keys on my phone just to get in the queue for a customer service rep. After typing in “1” for English, my phone number, and a zillion other keystrokes, I get disconnected. Then it is back to the 20 more key strokes, 1 for English etc.. …rinse, repeat.

As it turns out, the person who wrote up my work order for the transfer screwed up the termination date and typed in the 25th, rather than the 27th. When I finally asked them to fix the problem, I was told that they can’t turn it back on because the “service technician has already gone to the pole.” I can’t believe that BS story for a second. There are no poles anymore and it’s all done by software.

When I asked the supervisor what Comcast was going to do in order to make good on how they’ve screwed me up, they said they’d credit me for any downtime. Terrific. Who knows what business or clients I’ll lose for the 48 hours my phone is “no longer in service.” Hell, maybe Ed McMahon was calling, or someone was calling to give me Masters tickets… I’ll never know. Will they credit me Masters tickets?

As bad as Comcast is, it’s not as bad as Qwest. Qwest has the worst customer service on the planet and I’m glad I’m no longer with them. Hell, if Qwest was the only internet company out there I’d go back to writing snail mail with my IBM Selectric typewriter…

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