Perhaps Tiger Woods is from another planet?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 17th, 2008
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How is Tiger so good? Even pals of mine who hate golf have started watching him play, like when he made that amazing put to win at Bay Hill last week. My golf pals have theorized that perhaps Tiger is not human, since he seems to be able to do things normal humans can’t. This video below may be some sort of clue:

5 responses to “Perhaps Tiger Woods is from another planet?”

  1. William K. Wolfrum says:

    Ah Tony, it’s a pity you and the rest of the sheeple have been pulled into another massive hoax like the moon landing and 9/11. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE. There is no Tiger Woods.

    The truth is out there


  2. Golfchick says:

    Did you ever read my theory back in 2006?

  3. Yes I did Kristin. However this video didn’t exist back in 2006.

  4. Golfchick says:

    Well I don’t know where they’re going with this space suit thing but it may not relate. 🙂

    An extraterrestrial being on Earth in an American space suit? Like he needs our technology to take a vacation to his home planet?

  5. ruben says:

    Went through so many blogs. Why so much of criticism over Woods.

    What I found at

    is in contradiction with other blogs. M unable to figure out what’s the truth. Isn’t Tiger the best????