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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 17th, 2008
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macgregor MT ironsAfter a “recapitalization” at the end of 2007, MacGregor Golf has a whole new line of clubs for 2008. The “MACTEC” line is now replaced by the “MT” line. In the near future I’ll be reviewing numerous MacGregor Golf products, from the MT line to the Face-Off putter by Bobby Grace.

MacGregor MT Irons

MacGregor has five sets of irons for 2008 for varying player abilities. The MT irons are in the dead center of the offerings, providing “game improvement” qualities for mid handicap players, and “player” features for low handicappers.


The MT irons are forged with MacGregor’s “Cup Face” technology. Essentially, the face section of the club isn’t just flat and attached to the body. There’s no “insert” placed into a center opening on the front of the club. The cupped face actually wraps around the edges where it is welded on the sides. This process of attaching the face is unique, and provides excellent feel and extra distance on off-center strikes.

macgregor MT ironsThe cavity of the MT employs an “undercut” between the face and the muscle (see picture to right). The undercut helps spread the weighting to the lower back of the club head and helps the club absorb much of the shock on off-center shots. The undercutting, combined with the cupped face, gives the club a buttery soft feel not only in the center, but all over the club face.

The muscle in the back of the MT’s undercut is progressive in size through the set. The muscle is bigger and taller in the shorter clubs and gets smaller and lower in profile as the set progresses. This progressive weighting and balancing places the center of gravity in the perfect place for each individual club.

Another progressive feature is the topline cut of the club. The shorter irons have a more rounded or teardrop shaped topline, similar to what you’d see on wedges. As the set progresses from the shorter to longer irons, the teardrop straightens out, lowers, and becomes more of a straight line. Comparing the pitching wedge with the 3-iron, you might think they’re two different models.

macgregor MT irons
Note the progressive muscle configuration:
Pitching Wedge – 7-iron – 3-iron
macgregor MT irons
Note the progressive topline configuration:
3-Iron to PW, front to back


These MacGregor MT irons are very pleasing to the eye. They’re slightly over sized which gives you a ton of confidence when standing over your shots.

From the topline view, the club doesn’t look so much like a blade that you think you can’t hit it well, though there are many blade like characteristics.

The cavity of the club has some very nice milling. I’m a big fan of the precise detail todays automated milling machines can produce on clubs.

Feedback And Feel

I’ve been suffering from golfer’s elbow for a few years now. The shock from off-center shots really hurts. Mis-hitting a 3 or 4-iron with my elbow has been so painful, I took them out of the bag and replaced them with hybrids. I’ve hit dozens of 3 and 4-iron shots with my MT’s and not one has hurt my elbow or given me that bad sting in the hands you can get from off center shots.

Butter. That’s what these babies feel like. I feel like the ball is in contact with the face for a split second longer than other irons. I can sense the contact well and I get a lot of feedback. I can sense right were the club/ball impact point is and I’ve verified it when looking at the club face. I no longer need to look at the face to evaluate where I’m making contact, I can just feel it.

One wonderful thing about the MT irons is the audio feedback. Take a 50 cent piece and crisply flick it in the air with your thumb. Listen closely. That’s the sound the MT’s make when you hit them on the sweet spot. My playing opponents who play with me regularly know they’re in trouble when they hear that distinct, sweet sound.

Specs & Options

MT Irons 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW GW
Loft (degrees) 19 22 25 28 32 36 40 45 50
Lie (degrees) 60 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 64 64.5 64.5
Shaft Length (in) 39 38.5 38 37.5 37 36.5 36 35.5 35.5
Swing Weight D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2
Tip Diameter (Taper tip) 0.355 0.355 0.355 0.355 0.355 0.355 0.355 0.355 0.355
Left Hand NA
Shaft Flex Reg Stiff
Shaft Weight/Torque Nippon NS Pro 950GH 95/2.4 98/1.9
Grip Golf Pride DD2

On The Course

The first club I hit in play was the 5-iron. Unfortunately I’d driven through the fairway into a water hazard. My pals told me the water wasn’t in play because there was so much wind. They were wrong. My third shot on this par-4 was an uphill shot, over water, dead into a three club wind.

I hit the 5-iron and heard that coin flipping sweet sound. The ball bored through the wind and never left the flag stick. The ball dropped and stopped about two feet below that back pin. I was sort of in shock that I’d actually hit that good of a shot. I made the easy uphill two-footer and saved par. That 5-iron just bought me it’s first stroke.

Since that shot I’ve watched many of my iron shots going right at the flag stick, many more than I’ve seen in a good couple of years. Amazingly enough, I’m still getting the feel and getting to know these clubs. It can only get better.

I’m able to work the MT irons either direction. I can easily control fades, draws and also ball trajectory.

The long irons are weighted and balanced so well for me, they’ve actually displaced my hybrids. They’re easier to hit than my hybrids! That’s funny.

MacGregor MT Images

I have a whole gallery here dedicated to MacGregor Golf. Click here or on the image below to go there.

full set macgregor mt irons 2008

The MT’s, and numerous other MacGregor products are in there so go check it out!


I don’t switch irons often. I’ve had the same set of wonderful irons in my competitive bag since 2002. Until playing the MacGregor MT irons, nothing had given me a reason to switch. It took six years and reviewing numerous sets of irons for me to find a set which could dethrone those trusty 2002’s. The MT’s are now residing in the 2nd toughest real estate to acquire in my bag (the first being my putter).

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