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“Tired” Ernie Els withdraws from Bay Hill

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 10th, 2008
Categories: PGA Tour

From the “golfers are not athletes” category…

After getting his first PGA Tour win in over three years, Ernie Els withdrew from Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill tournament due to “fatigue.” Man I guess playing a round of golf and winning about a million bucks is really draining. I wish I knew first hand just how tiring that really was so I could empathize with Ernie…

3 responses to ““Tired” Ernie Els withdraws from Bay Hill”

  1. ovidiov says:

    Well, since I read the other day that his five year old is autist, I really acept all the withdrawns that he wants to. I really think he has taken the choice: family then golf

  2. Miranda says:

    I would think that since he managed to put it altogether and actually win a tournament that he would want to continue while he’s on a roll.

  3. kjb says:

    Ernie plays golf all over the world and he has played in Arnie’s tournament 15 straight years.. could be he is fatigued. But it still sounds lame.