Duffix Swing Trainer

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 10th, 2008
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There are a million golf gadgets out there to help you improve your game, fix your slice, teach you the feel of a proper swing. Make that 1,000,001.


The $89 Duffix Swing trainer is a weighted device which attaches to just above the balance point of any of your golf clubs. You position the weighted end to various positions, depending on whether you are looking to fix a slice, hook, or just promote a draw or fade. The weighting is supposed to force the club head to square at impact, helping you get the feel for what you’re trying to accomplish.

duffixTo help prevent a slice, the weight is put around the 1pm-2pm position. To prevent a hook the weight goes at the 10am-11am position.

For fun I put the weight right in the middle, parallel to the club head and it felt great. I guess that means I have a perfect swing…yeah right. I then moved the weight to more of a 11:30am-12:30pm position to enhance the draw or fade.

My swing is still shaking off the rust of a long and cold three months of Winter with no golf, so I figured the Duffix might help. But when hitting balls I felt as if I was going to snap my club shaft in two. I could only comfortably take practice swings for the feel.

I met the Duffix guys at the PGA Show this year. They’re genuinely nice guys and they’re very passionate about their product. I wish them luck and success, though their product didn’t really work for me.

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