OGIO files suit against Callaway

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 6th, 2008
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OGIO WoodeOGIO has filed suit against Callaway for patent infringement on their Woode, the club organizer which is at the top of many of their golf bags. Ogio used to make bags for Callaway which had the Woode, from 2000-2005. A few years ago OGIO stopped making bags for Callaway but the Woode is still in use on some Callaway bags.

I just had an “intellectual property” discussion with my friends at OGIO last week and they hinted about something like this but I couldn’t quote them. Now that there’s an official press release (below) it is public.

OGIO Press Release

BLUFFDALE, Utah (March 3, 2008) – In its ongoing effort to protect valuable intellectual property, OGIO has filed papers with the State of Utah’s Federal District Court citing Callaway Golf Company for patent infringement. The papers were filed February 13, 2008.

OGIO, the golf bag manufacturer renowned for innovative design, currently holds more than a dozen individual patents for acclaimed bag components. One such design – the OGIO Woode organizing top – was such a high-demand feature when it was first introduced in 2002 that Callaway Golf Company requested the design on its OGIO-engineered bags. OGIO provided original equipment manufacturing services for Callaway from 2000 through 2005.

Despite the companies agreeing to part ways nearly three years ago, a patent-violating version of OGIO’s organizing top continues to appear on Callaway- designed golf bags including its 2008 golf bag collection.

“OGIO’s reputation hinges on our innovation; buyers and customers alike seek out and expect OGIO’s components to offer a technologically forward approach to solving problems,” says the company’s vp operations, Gary Bowen. “As such, we will protect our intellectual property while alerting our retail partners to avoid selling any gear that infringes on our patents.”

OGIO’s Woode Club Management System was issued patent number 6,877,604 B2 on April 12, 2005. The Woode organizing top consists of a stadium-style profile for wood containment, and egg- crate-inspired cradles for irons, to facilitate easy access and protect gear in transit. OGIO’s patented Putter Port – which elevates putters in plain sight amidst taller gear – is incorporated into the patented Woode top as well. .

The company took aim to protect this same patent in December 2005, with the issuance of multiple cease- and-desist orders warning retailers and manufacturers to discontinue the sale of bags incorporating OGIO’s Woode top technology.

For more information about OGIO and its innovative golf bag designs, visit www.ogio.com.

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