Course Vandals Caught

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
Categories: Miscellaneous

Some aholes thought they’d have fun doing donuts on the wet fairways of my home course. While playing we found most of the fairway on #1 was trashed. Thank goodness the greens were not touched.

river oaks golf sandy utahriver oaks golf sandy utah

After the vandals finished their destruction, they drove home. The police simply followed the mud tracks to an apartment complex (seen in the background of picture #1) and found the vehicle with the mud and grass all over it. Busted.

These boneheads are going to pay a pretty penny to repair the fairway, and I’m sure the city court will throw the book at them, since the city owns the course they vandalized.

2 responses to “Course Vandals Caught”

  1. Double Eagle says:


    Nothing lights me on fire like golf course vandalism. As much as I hate it as a player, I really hated it as a golf course maintenance worker. It was like someone spitting in my face.

    Even worse than random vandal punks is the players who do it. Seeing a putter divot on a green makes me want to impart some physical harm on the culprit.

    At least they caught the guys that tore up your course, Tony. That has to be somewhat satisfying.

  2. stangwd2002 says:

    i think the one or that did this are aholes.he or them be made to fix & repair it by hand,& pay the cost!!!