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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 3rd, 2008
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cigar caddy humidor travel caseI’ve been known to bust out a cigar or two on the golf course or when traveling. The biggest problem with traveling is transporting those expensive Cuban cigars without having them crushed, or having your luggage smell like cigars. I even had one time when a cologne bottle broke in my luggage and made everything smell like Clubman, including my cigars. On the course I’ve tried those leather cigar carriers but they can still allow the cigar to get crushed and they don’t prevent the cigar from drying out.

Cigar Caddy

The Cigar Caddy is an industrial strength solution for protecting your cigars when traveling, recreating, boating, or yes, golfing. The black case is made of an impact resistant plastic which is unbelievably strong. When latched with the heavy duty latches, the case is air tight to prevent moisture getting out and anything else getting in.

Inside each Cigar Caddy case you’ll find sponge padding to keep the cigars secure, along with an embedded travel humidor. Put some distilled water or what I prefer, propylene glycol solution, into the travel humidor and your cigars will be kept moist for up to several weeks.

cigar caddy humidor travel casecigar caddy humidor travel case

Being air tight, the cases not only keep the moisture in for fresh cigars, they allow the case to float. This is especially useful when boating and the case falls into the ocean, or when you take a turn too sharply on the cart path and your case falls into the green side lake. Being so strong and air tight, Cigar Caddy warns that cases may be difficult to open if your Caddy has experienced a large change in altitude because of the difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the case!

For those of you who need to take your cigars with you scuba diving, the cases protect the cigars at depths of 100 feet and more.

cigar caddy humidor travel case5-Stick, 10-Stick, 15-Stick

I have three Cigar Caddys: The 5, 10 and 15 stick models. There is also a 2-stick model which would be perfect for golf. I hope to be able to review the 2-stick model soon as well (hint hint).

I used the 15-stick model to carry all the cigars I had on my last golf vacation. Each morning I’d unload a few cigars from the 15 to the 5-stick model. I’d use the carrying strap on the 5-stick model to mount the caddy on the outside of my golf bag (see picture). Having the Cigar Caddy on the outside of my bag made it very easy to access and grab a new cigar quickly between shots.


With a Cigar Caddy (or two, or three) you’ll never experience the dreaded dry cigar problem while on vacation or out doing any sort of activity. You’ll most definitely never experience damaged cigars, unless you find yourself in the middle of a nuclear war. In the event of a war, or just your every day violence on the streets of Washington DC for that matter, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cigar Caddy and its contents survived its owner.

Cigar Caddy Gallery

For more images of the Cigar Caddy, including the 5-10-15 stick models, check out the HOG Cigar Caddy Photo Gallery.

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