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PGA Tour changes cut policy again. More confusion.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, February 27th, 2008
Categories: PGA Tour

This PGA Tour season has been strange, with the advent of players who were “in the money” but didn’t make the 36 hole cut. Many people, myself included, didn’t like this setup.

As of yesterday the PGA Tour has amended their structure to have two cuts, reducing the field to the top 70 players (and ties) for the final Sunday round. Terrific. More confusion. “Did he make the cut? Yes but he didn’t play on Sunday.” WTF?

2 responses to “PGA Tour changes cut policy again. More confusion.”

  1. Miranda says:

    It would have been much simpler to lower the 36 hole cut to the low 65 and ties or something, but I hear that some of the pga players are actually in favor of the 54 hole cut. At least it gives the players who just make the cut at 36 holes a chance to compete, which the old new rule they started the year with didn’t. And there’s none of this give them money for not playing business. And this isn’t much different than what the LPGA does in their big event where they have a cut something like every round, so it shouldn’t be all that confusing. And of course, the best way to address the long hours on the course is to address slow play. If the tour would do that, then they might not need to make changes to the cut policy.

  2. Yes Miranda, the slow play. If we could get JB Holmes to take about 500 less practice swings and perhaps cut about 27 minutes off of Stewart Cink’s pose in his finish we might be onto something.