Golf trip final day

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 24th, 2008
Categories: HackersLife

I’m now riding in the back of my buddy’s SUV, on the way back home from the big Winter golf trip. It’s raining now, but as we get higher in altitude toward home that rain will turn to snow. It’s snowing at home now.

The game improved again today, especially with only 29 putts after I switched back to my regular putter. I hit the range and pounded a bunch of wedges, getting the feel of hitting down on the ball since I either bladed them or hit them fat the day before.

I shot one over on the front nine with a couple of birdies. My four man team for the day shot the best Chicago score thanks to my birdies and the great play of one other guy. On top of the Chicago money, I won some individual bets finally. It was nice to collect a few bucks to make up for all the losses I had the previous days and head home with a smile on my face.

I tested out some new gear for the first time on this trip, which may not have been a great idea. If my game isn’t crisp it’s hard to evaluate gear or write an accurate article on it. That being said I’m pretty impressed with the new MacGregor MT 3-wood and the MT Irons.

I look forward to getting back home, especially for tomorrow. I’m taking a “VIP” tour of the Ogio world headquarters.

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