Winter golf trip day three

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
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The game improved a bit today. I tried a new putter, which is not a usual thing for me. I don’t play the revolving putter door game. Though this is a great putter, it’s so light compared to my other one that I gagged hard on a lot of short putts.

Bizarre par three

Imagine this… You hit a par three in regulation and you get a six! I did that today. Addressing my third putt (yes, the putter thing I just mentioned), I accidentally moved my ball when I addressed it. Had I realized I could put it back I’d only have one penalty stroke, but I didn’t and had two shots. Net result is a six on a par three which I hit in regulation.

I shaved off five strokes from yesterday’s round and hit many more solid iron shots. The short game is, well, a disaster. I eventually gave up on chipping off the tight lies and started putting off the greens. The short game needs a ton of work.

Almost aced a par four

The course we played today has a driveable par four. It’s about 320 or so. I was very mad after chunking two chips so I put a little extra into my drive. It was solid and flew right at the green. The ball ended up about 2-3 feet behind the pin. I don’t know how it didn’t go in. My putting troubles with short putts continued and I missed a 2-3 foot eagle putt. It was at that point that I told my pals the only way I could get a birde was by having a two foot eagle putt…

Washington county drug task force pulls me and my buddy over

We ate dinner in Mesquite Nevada. On the way back to St. George my very good friend Arnie (great golf name) talked about speeding, getting pulled over, driver’s licenses etc. About 10 seconds after we had that discussion we saw the flashing lights. We’d been pulled over.

Arnie didn’t think he was speeding and we didn’t know why we’d been pulled over. As it turns out, he had a burned out license plate light. The cop who pulled us over was on the “Washington county drug task force” and was pulling over suspicious vehicles. That burned out light qualified us.

He checked us out and was obviously casing out the interior of Arnie’s car with his cop flashlight. It quickly became obvious to him that we weren’t drug runners or druggies, so he said “have a nice evening” and we went on our way.

Tomorrow is the last day and then I head back home to the frozen tundra. The weather report for home is…. drum roll please… snow. Big surprise.

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