Winter coming to an end?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 11th, 2008
Categories: Life

A couple of random photos for the “life” category because after all, the site’s motto is “Golf, life (in that order).”

The first (top) is of the mountains east of my “crib”… I mean home. The sun is setting and the golden sunlight from sunset is reflecting off the tops of the mountains and the clouds above. The 2nd shot is of me standing ON the green side lake on #18 at River Oaks.

The horrible Winter we’ve had may be finally slowing down. We had snow storms day after day for the last two months. Our snow pack is at 150% of normal or more. Finally the temps are above freezing. My phone is ringing off the hook with golf buddies asking me to look across the street and see if holes #1 and #2 are playable yet…

Is Winter really coming to an end? Around here there’s usually a warm spell and then mother nature lets us have it one more time before finally giving up to Spring.

3 responses to “Winter coming to an end?”

  1. kiwi says:

    So when are you moving Tony

  2. As I predicted a big storm hit yesterday. I snowblowed 4 driveways…

    When am I moving? Not soon enough. I have to find a place to go first.

  3. kjgoltz says:

    Last week: 13″ here in Greenfield. Sunday: forecast for 8″-10″ more. I’m also spending quality time with my snowblower. If you find a good place to move, CALL ME!!!
    Only good I can see out of all of this snow is that the courses should not need a lot of help when it melts. Around the 4th of July…