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King Golf Royal T – Perfect for the 19th hole

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
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king golf royal t shirtKing Golf makes a handful of products for the golf world from ball warmers to apparel. Today I’m covering the King Golf “Royal T” t-shirt. It’s hard to write a 1500 word review on a t-shirt so I’m not going to try.

Style & Design

The King Golf Royal T is made from premium blended cotton. It has a large KG logo on the front and a small on below the collar on the back. The design is a “fashion fit – European Cut.” I don’t know what that means really. To me that means it has a small collar and small sleeve edges!


Colors for the Royal T are blue, black, plum and the one I have: green. Sizes run from small to extra large.

On The Course… or not

I always write an “on the course” blurb in my reviews. I’ve not worn this shirt on the course since it’s not “golf appropriate” having no collar. That being said, I wear this shirt more than any other since it is hands down the most comfortable t-shirt I’ve ever owned. The fabric is so soft it is unbelievable. I guess that’s what premium blended cotton feels like.


Though you wouldn’t wear this on the course at your local club, it’s perfect for the 19th hole. I’ve spent dozens of hours golf blogging in front of my computer while enjoying my King Golf Royal T.

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