Tiger laps the field at Torrey Pines and ties Arnold Palmer’s win record

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 28th, 2008
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Tiger Woods was so far ahead in yesterdays round, 10 strokes most of the day, he actually lost focus a bit on the back nine. Despite three bogeys in a row on the back Tiger still won easily and tied Arnold Palmer’s all time winning record at 62. Tiger is now tied for 4th all time, only two wins behind Ben Hogan. Tiger hit some shots yesterday which had me rolling back my DVR multiple times.

The Bet

A golf pal of mine called me after one shot Tiger hit yesterday. Tiger was 53 yards out with a tail wind. He hit a low wedge which bounced past the pin and spun back to about two feet below the hole and short of the pin. My friend told me there was nobody else on tour he sees hit shots like that. I told him I thought with the conditions, that shot wasn’t as impossible as he thought. I told him that I could hit a similar shot under the conditions of wet/soft greens, a spin ball and perfect grooves on my 60 degree wedge. We won’t settle that bet until the snow melts here though.

Other amazing shots even hat Tiger almost embarrassed. He could hardly hold back his laughter after he sunk a 50 foot put with about 20 feet of break. He was putting across a tier which he had to go up, across the top and back down. The putt was similar to the “better than most” put only much more break.

At Peace

The main thing I seem to be seeing in Tiger is that he’s so relaxed. I think he’s “at peace” with himself. I think with time healing a bit of his father’s death and now having a new child, Tiger is really adjusted and content. Who wouldn’t be I suppose. The scary thing is that Tiger and all the people in the know in the golf world are seeing the possibility of Tiger’s best year ever. It’s hard to believe he could get better but that may just be the case.

At the pace he’s at, Tiger will overtake Ben Hogan in the next couple of months and should catch Jack Nickaus’ all time win record in the next 1.5-2 years. I feel pretty lucky as a golf fan because I got to see the 2nd half of Jack Nicklaus’ career and all of Tiger’s so far.

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