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The first look at interchangeable shafts? I don’t think so.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
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One of the buzzes from the recent PGA Show was the new interchangeable shafts and heads. Many sites are quoting the “first look at interchangeable shafts and heads” with articles about the Callaway i-Mix and Nickent Evolver 4DX.

While this is a valid buzz in golf, I’m going to have to poopoo sites claiming the “first look at interchangeable shafts” when referring to the Callaway and Nickent offerings.

Travel back to September 12, 2007

Back on September 12, 2007 I posted an article and video on interchangeable shafts and drivers from Versus Golf. And quite honestly, that driver had been sitting in my living room for a couple of months before I got around to it.

Quote from my interchangeable shaft/head post back in September

“I’m amazed that a system like this hasn’t become some kind of ’standard’ in the golf industry. How cool would it be to carry 2-3 different driver shafts in your trunk and be able to use the one that’s fitting your current swing during that time?”

And yes, today companies like Callaway and Nickent are offering packages which are exactly what I just described in the quote above, with 2-3 shafts. Am I good?

If only I was this good with the women…

2 responses to “The first look at interchangeable shafts? I don’t think so.”

  1. Maybe you’d have better luck if you hadn’t said poopoo ?


  2. Zevo did this 10 years ago, yet it was exclusively for fitting purposes. Anyone remember that?