11:40pm Day 1 Recap

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 17th, 2008
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One last update of the daily blog for today. Final thoughts on day 1. I’m in the lobby of my hotel where the free wi-fi is. Unfortunately, there are tourists from some unknown country attempting to sing “Sweet Home Alabama” karaoke style in the bar next door….

Day one had many interesting events.

1. I finally met Kelly at Ogio after nearly three years of emails back and forth. I also met Dave Pelz (again), Greg Norman and Jesse Ortiz.
2. At the Ogio booth I got to see a prototype head cover for woods which is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
3. Once again my friends at Nicklaus golf, especially Clay Long gave me some great time and content.
4. Taylormade isn’t here, nor is Titleist or Ping…
5. There was quite a “hole” in the floor where the TM booth was last year.
6. Ran into several pals, including Chris, the pro at my home CC. I also ran into my Black Mesa pals.
7. The buzz this year isn’t square, it’s triangular. The other buzz is “lifestyle.”
8. My shoes had a painful problem and I have a blister on my left foot. Vans tomorrow.
9. Not as crowded a show as 2007. Not as much traffic. I wonder of the state of the economy is related.
10. Had dinner with GRIP founder Rob Blumberg again. We may have a new venture in the works, which will really help the small time golf manufacturers.

11:48pm… Must go to bed. Now the karaoke people are singing “Under the Boardwalk.” Can’t take it anymore.

12:23am… Realized I have two videos to upload to youtube…

2 responses to “11:40pm Day 1 Recap”

  1. I don’t normally like live blogging of an event, but your style and personality came thru and made it more than enjoyable…damn good even !

    Keep up the good work !

    How about a quick interview with who is there and ask them why some of the big boys didn’t come ?

    What about the triangle angle ? Can you give a quick run-thru of who’s using it, aside from Jesse ?

  2. Others using a more triangular shape I’ve seen would be Nicklaus Golf & Tour Edge.





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