Pro Tour Fantasy Golf Introduces $25 Game – I’m In!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 10th, 2008
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pro tour fantasy golf

As you know HOG runs a free fantasy golf league every year with golf prizes. But for those who like higher stakes and more adrenalin, you may want to take a shot at what Pro Tour Fantasy Golf has to offer.

Win $750 in Pro Tour Fantasy Golf’s $25 league

I posted earlier about Pro Tour Fantasy golf’s high stakes games. They have games where you can enter for $100, with a chance at winning $3000. They also have a big game where you enter $500 and can win $20,000! Man those are pretty serious numbers.

Pro Tour Fantasy Golf has added a new $25 game for those with smaller golf balls, like me. The $25 league has a payout of $750 for first place with another $1,750 in 23 additional cash prizes. The prize structure gives you a one in eight chance of at least getting your money back.

PTFG has a 24 week season, broken into six sessions. Leagues are limited to 200 contestants. You pick three golfers each week for your roster with an option to substitute a player after the 2nd round (as in when you have a starter miss the cut or not perform well). You can only use a golfer two times (with six mulligans to use as a 3rd start) in the 24 week season so you need to be a little more astute than the leagues where you can just start Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson every week.

Whatever money your starters win, you win a point equivalent to double the player’s earnings. Whatever money your sub wins , you win points equal to his single earnings.

Another chance to humiliate me

As I mentioned, I’ve joined the $25 league. I’m in $25 League #1. Now you have yet another chance to show me just how much I don’t know about golf by kicking my butt in this league along with the HOG leagues.

Payments for either league can be made by CC or via Paypal. Now you have a good reason to spend the money in your Paypal account you made from selling the old 8-track tape player on Ebay!

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