Sabbatini conflicts with Tiger. Sabbatini no longer with Nike. Coincidence?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 7th, 2008
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Rory Sabbatini Tiger WoodsHas anyone else wondered why Rory Sabbatini is no longer with Nike and is now with Adams Golf? Why would a golf company not want the 11th ranked player in the world on their endorsement list? Hasn’t anyone thought that just maybe Tiger had something to do with this? Hear me out.

2007 Masters: Rory is giving Tiger all sorts of smack talk and grief. 2007 Target World Challenge: Sabbatini becomes the first ever player to withdraw but still collects $170K, kicking Tiger and the sponsors in the golf balls.

Fast forward a month and Sabbatini is no longer a Nike guy. You don’t suppose it’s possible that (behind closed doors and off the record) Tiger pulled a string or two and had Sabbatini’s Nike deal axed? Or perhaps without Tiger even asking, Nike just did it on their own? Coincidence? What’s the real story?

One response to “Sabbatini conflicts with Tiger. Sabbatini no longer with Nike. Coincidence?”

  1. I saw that Nike came out with a comment today that Tiger had nothing to do with their decision to drop Rory, they were just going in a different direction.

    I think that if you can read between the lines it looks like don’t mess with the Tiger if you aren’t ready for his bite. Tiger is the face of Nike Golf, all golf really for that matter and I am sure that Rory talking trash didn’t just irritate Tiger, but also Nike.

    Rory’s mouth may not be the only reason that he was dropped, but I find it hard to believe it didn’t have anything to do with it.