The Golf Channel blowing Tiger Woods quote out of proportion

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, January 5th, 2008
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Watching The Golf Channel’s post game broadcast after the 3rd round of today’s PGA Tour Mercedes Championship was irritating. Almost the entire broadcast they were building up this “unbelievable” quote Tiger Woods made. It’s a quote like Tiger has never made before. They kept hyping the hell out of the fact that Tiger is saying he’s going to win ALL FOUR MAJORS this season.

What Tiger really said was that he’s playing so well and feeling so good about his game and the major venues that he believes winning all four majors this year is “Easily within reason.”

Memo to TGC

There’s a big difference between Tiger saying “I think it’s easily within reason” and Tiger practically guaranteeing four major wins this season. Of course it’s within reason! He’s the best freaking player in the world.

2 responses to “The Golf Channel blowing Tiger Woods quote out of proportion”

  1. Miranda says:

    After a whole week devoted to Tiger, the Golf Channel still has to cash in on him this week too, from the endless comments about Rory Sabbatini, to their version of ‘the future of golf’, to constant looks back to his battle with Ernie Els at the Mercedes-Benz Championship a few years ago. Not to mention the Golf channel is opening their coverage each evening with pictures of Tiger’s wife and the baby. It doesn’t surprise me a bit that they would be twisting Tiger’s words in order to have ‘exclusive’ comments or ‘unbelievable’ ones. It’s no secret that they are worried about the impact that the Mercedes-Benz championship has on the PGA Tour. They constantly allude to the fact that the ‘top’ players aren’t playing this week. Obviously, the Golf Channel is just trying to create an air of importance for the event instead of letting the golfers and good play do the talking for them.

    As for the quality of players there this week – you have two of the Major winners from last year, Mike Weir,the guy who beat Tiger Woods at the Presidents’ Cup, and Steve Stricker who is, in my opinion, the real player of the year for the PGA Tour. Tiger should no longer count.

  2. Miranda I toyed with one last statement which I left off my post this time around:

    What does TGC stand for? Tiger Gaga Channel





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