Straight Nuts Golf Hold ‘Em

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 19th, 2007
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My pals and I never saw a bet we didn’t like on the golf course.

Straight Nuts, at, has five different games you can buy for adding a little extra fun to your rounds of golf with your buddies. Their games are basically printed cards with blackjack or a variation of poker made for golf.

Golf Hold ‘Em

I’ve now played a few rounds of Straight Nuts Golf Hold ‘Em. In this game you pick a target score for every hole. Depending on the level of players in your group, you may wish to pick a gross or handicapped (net) score as your target. If you reach the target score or better, you scratch off your card and it becomes part of your poker hand. You play your best five cards on the front, back and whole 18 against your pals. In my group there are a total of $3.00 to win or lose (front-back-18).

In the picture below you can see one of my rounds. My target score was pars on all holes but the par-5’s, where birdie was the target. I did set the target score on the toughest par-4 as a bogey on #13 (I made bogey).

straight nuts golf hold em poker game


Golf Hold ‘Em is fun and adds a little different flavor to your rounds. There’s extra incentive to reach a target score on each hole, a chance for you to focus even more. If you play well, you have a better shot at a good poker hand and collecting some cash and bragging rights.

I look forward to checking out all of Straight Nuts’ products.

Straight Nuts Gallery

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