Callaway wins patent infringement suit against Acushnet (Titleist)

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 14th, 2007
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Wow this is big news. Callaway won it’s suit against Acushnet (owner of Titleist) over patent infringements in the manufacturing of the ProV1, the most popular golf ball on the planet for years.

Callaway spokeswoman Michele Szynal:

“We have now established in court that our golf ball patents are valid, and that Titleist Pro V1 golf balls infringe those patents. We will immediately start the process of requesting an appropriate remedy, including injunctive relief and damages.”

Acushnet still thinks they can prevail post-trial due to “ambiguity” resulting from a mixed decision by the jury.

I’m no attorney (I leave that up to my cuz) but I’d think that Cally will now be looking for “damages” and also would start lobbying for Titleist to cease manufacturing ProV1’s. Given how long the “legal process” takes (I know from personal experience) this isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

2 responses to “Callaway wins patent infringement suit against Acushnet (Titleist)”

  1. BANDIT says:

    WHAT a crock…it sure goes to show the ire of coporate America. After so many years they choose to act now. What are they doing trying to say that their HX series is as good as the PROV1..not in my books, I have tested the the HX for the tour partners Club and found the PRO V1 a little more playable around the greens. Oh well we have at least a decade before we lose the best ball in the game…thru the decisions and appeals we are safe for now.

  2. regstar says:

    We sell used golf balls and can not get enough ProV1s. Part of our problem is that we only use suppliers that do not get there balls from water hazards so we have limited supply. ProV1s out sell all other golf balls.

    Ray G.