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It may not be legal, but it’s nice to have warm balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
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golf ball warmer king golfThere’s nothing more painful than cold balls in the Winter time. I know this all too well. My new friends at King Golf have a great product for this problem. Of course, I’m talking about cold golf balls. There’s nothing more painful than blading a 3-iron in 29 degree temps when your golf ball is frozen. The shock makes my fingers number for about the next four holes. By then I’ve bladed another one because I have no feel in my hands and the process starts all over again.

King Golf Ball Warmer

The King Golf Ball Warmer is a little pouch that holds about six golf balls and heats them up via disposable hand warmers. All you do is crack the hand warmers open and slip them in the front and back slots of the ball warmer. With temps which average 122 F and up to 156 F, your balls will be nice and warm.

If your balls are warm, they’ll feel much better. They’ll compress and have more distance in the cold. The results can be a 15-30% increase in distance in colder weather.


You heat the golf balls for about an hour before your round and use one ball per hole. Rotating the balls in and out of the warming pouch keeps them consistent and warm.

Not Legal

Just to be clear, warming your golf balls like this is not legal. You can’t do this in a tournament obviously. But for us golf addicts who are just trying to stay somewhat in golf shape in very cold winter conditions why not use the Golf Ball Warmer?

Great Christmas present for the golfer who has everything

At $17.99 the Golf Ball Warmer by King Golf is a great Christmas gift for that golfer on your list who is hard to shop for. You know, the one who has everything? He probably doesn’t have one of these yet.

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