Pro Tour Fantasy Golf – High stakes for those with big golf balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, December 3rd, 2007
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I have a new sponsor here at HOG so I’m doing a post about them as well. You’ll see the banner for Pro Tour Fantasy Golf (at appear in the rotation for the next while. Click it and check them out!

pro tour fantasy golf

As you know HOG runs a free fantasy golf league every year with golf prizes. But for those who like higher stakes and more adrenalin, you may want to take a shot at what Pro Tour Fantasy Golf has to offer.

Win $3000 in the regular league

The basic golf fantasy game PTFG costs $100 to enter and is a 24 week season, broken into six sessions. Leagues are limited to 200 contestants. You pick three golfers each week for your roster with an option to substitute a player after the 2nd round (as in when you have a starter miss the cut or not perform well). You can only use a golfer two times (with six mulligans to use as a 3rd start) in the 24 week season so you need to be a little more astute than the leagues where you can just start Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson every week.

Whatever money your starters win, you win a point equivalent to double the player’s earnings. Whatever money your sub wins , you win points equal to his single earnings.

You have a one in eight chance of winning money back, and the grand prize in the basic league is $3000. Yes THREE THOUSAND bucks for first place with an additional $10,000 in cash prizes.

High stakes league for those with big golf balls

When you go to Vegas do you skip right over the $5 blackjack tables and go straight to the $25 or $100 tables? Then perhaps Pro Tour Fantasy Golf’s high stakes league will work for you.

The high stakes league costs $500 to enter. There are a total of $70,000 in cash prizes with a first place prize of $20,000. Yes, TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! To go straight to the high stakes game (and I know you’re thinking about it) go to

Payments for either league can be made by CC or via Paypal. Now you have a good reason to spend the money in your Paypal account you made from selling the old 8-track tape player on Ebay!

One response to “Pro Tour Fantasy Golf – High stakes for those with big golf balls”

  1. fireice says:

    Love this time of the year when the Fantasy Pools are announced, since we can’t golf up here in Canada(Ottawa area) Fantasy Golf Pools will do the trick during the winter. Will look into this one. Thanks





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