Sindelar Stick To Golf Learning System

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, November 29th, 2007
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I’ve been saving a few of my reviews for the right time. Since the weather is below freezing and there’s snow on the ground in my neck of the woods, now is a good time to review the Sindelar Stick To Golf Learning System.

sindelar stick to golfOverview

The Sindelar Stick To Golf Learning System is an educational golf package which includes mats, balls, targets, lessons and guides on how to practice your short game. If the name Sindelar sounds familiar that’s because the system is presented by PGA Tour player Joey Sindelar. The system was originally designed to be taught as part of school education programs but is now available for individual or family use as well. Though young golfers are a majority of those who will benefit from this system, beginning or even advanced adult golfers would benefit from the practice and drills as well.

Teeny Target & Teeny Mat

The Teeny Target is a neat target with a real hole, and imprints for bunkers, water, fairway and green.

The Teeny Mat has imprinted instruction for stance and and technique to help the golfer and instructor.

The player chips from the Teeny Mat using his own club or the optional pitching club. Players score points for holing out or getting near the hole. To increase the challenge simply increase the distance between the mat and the target.

Individual or group games can be played to help improve short game skills. I played against my pop (see video) which watching a college football game on TV.

sindelar stick to golfPutting Station

The Stick to Golf Putting Station includes one 27 inch long Teeny Green, one putter and one regular golf ball.

A scoring system and drills screened right onto the Teeny Green provide instruction, fun, games and competition. The Teeny Green has a teeny hole. If you start making putts on the Teeny Green, a regular golf hole on the course will look like a 10 gallon bucket.

The Teeny Green is thin and light and can be easily stored or rolled up to take with you on the road. If you travel, you could easily take the Teeny Green with you to practice putting in your hotel room.

sindelar stick to golfScholastic Instructor’s Manual

The Stick to Golf Scholastic Learning System Manual by itself is a great resource. Inside are many lessons on not only golf but life skills & activities, science, math, English and social studies. The scholastic manual teaches each of these subjects with their relationship to the golf world. The lessons are nicely structured for a scholastic calendar year’s worth of education.

Inside the manual is also a list of golf terminology and a neat planning guide for a golf course field trip. I wish I got to go to a golf course as a field trip when I was a kid in school.

Thousands of young golfers are already utilizing the Sindelar system via The First Tee and other organizations.

Packages Available

There are many packages available from individual units to complete classroom packages. Refer to the Sindelar web site for more info.


I have more images of the Sindelar Stick To Golf system in the HOG Sindelar Photo Gallery.

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