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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, November 16th, 2007
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cbuk logoI’ve made contact with so many cool companies and they just keep coming. I’ve been very impressed with the cool apparel items from many of these new companies like CBUK. CBUK makes some very hip golf apparel.

CBUK is a branch of Cutter & Buck, a high quality apparel company which has been around for a long time. The CBUK brand is more aggressive, hip, trend setting, envelope pushing. I’ve got two great CBUK polo golf shirts in my closet and more to come.

CBUK technology is cuckoo for coconuts

CBUK’s fabrics employ “Cocona Natural Technology”. “CNT” is a hybrid-carbon technology which permanently embeds activated carbon derived from coconut shells into fiber and yarns.

Another technology CBUK uses to make their amazing shirts is “NanoTex Coolest Comfort.” “NCC” uses nanotechnology to “transform the molecular structures of fibers, resulting in fabrics that draw moisture away from the skin and balance body temperature, while retaining the fabrics natural softness and breath ability.”

Woa… Are we talking about golf shirts here or the propulsion system for the next series of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, the NCC-1701-F?

The result of these technologies is a highly effective moisture wicking fabric which is extremely soft and comfortable. CBUK’s garments not only dry extremely fast, they’re very wrinkle resistant, odor resistant and offer UV protection up to 50+ SPF.

cbuk logoCBUK CB Drytec™ Hybrid Polo

My CB Drytec Hybrid Polo (picture #2) is a very nice golf shirt. I never imagined that brown could be so good looking but somehow CBUK’s designers did it. My Drytec Hybrid is extremely comfortable. The Drytec fabric makes the shirt breathe and keeps me dry on the course, even when my opponent is pressing me.

My hip Hybrid features double faced collar, contrast fabric at inside collar stand, herringbone tape at back neck, five-button hidden placket (buttons you can’t see in the neck), back yoke, pieced front body and sleeves, yarn dye stripe, drop tail hem, wicking finish.

Driver CB DryTec™ Meridian Polo

My favorite CBUK shirt so far is my Meridian Polo (picture #1). Naturally so, because black is my favorite color.

My Meridian features a two-color collar, contrast piecing on shoulder, sleeves and back, top stitching detail on body and curved hem. The curved hem allows for full movement without stretching or pulling during the golf swing.

CBUK Photo Gallery

I have many photos of these two CBUK golf polo shirts in the new Hooked On Golf Blog CBUK Photo Gallery.


CBUK’s web site is sort of strange. The whole site is one page. The content is squeezed into a box and three of their main modules need scroll bars to display the content since the box isn’t big enough. There are no photos of their products nor is there even a description of what CBUK actually is or what they offer. A visitor to their site would figure CBUK is golf related because of a couple of photos, but not really know if they make golf carts or hats or who knows what. CBUK is cloaking themselves in mystery to promote sales?

cbuk logoConclusion

I’m thrilled with my two CBUK golf shirts and I plan on acquiring many more. I’ve gotten many compliments on how sharp and unique they look. I find my “funky granny over the top crack addict having an epileptic seizure” golf swing isn’t compromised at all, and the cut of the shirts is extremely comfortable. Washing them is a breeze, since they usually don’t need ironing. Even wearing the black shirt in 100+ degree weather, I felt cool and ventilated.

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