First Class Travel Bar

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
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You’re a sales rep for the golf industry or some other business where you travel by car often. Or let’s say you’re a touring golf pro who travels by car from tour stop to tour stop. You need to keep a professional image and you don’t have time to be ironing your clothes on the road. Those $85 golf shirts don’t like being folded into a suit case or worse, being thrown on the car seat or in the trunk. The First Class Travel Bar is a solution for you.

first class travel bar
First Class Travel Bar

The First Class Travel Bar is essentially a mobile closet rod. You can hang your clothes in your car and prevent yourself from looking like a wrinkled mess. The rod hooks onto the standard clothing hooks in just about every car via the 360 degree rotating hooks. The rod is adjustable in length so any width of car will work well. For heavier loads there is an adjustable support bar with a T-bracket.

In Action

For my first test, I mounted the cross beam in my “chick magnet van” across the middle row. The ironic thing was that I had to move a bunch of wrinkled sweat shirts out of the way to do it. I had no problem hanging the travel bar and I put a ton of shirts on there without any issues.
first class travel bar
For my 2nd test, I installed the travel bar in the back of my van with the support beam. The support can be moved from the center to anywhere so you can accommodate other items in the car. The main cross bar is so strong I can’t imagine needing the support bar, other than the heavy load might pull out the hooks in your car.


I’ve seen sales reps and golf pros with piles of wrinkled, unorganized clothes in their car just like mine. I have a pile of wrinkled jackets, sweat shirts and rain gear. With the addition of my First Class Travel Bar I no longer have a pile of wrinkled apparel in my vehicle. My road clothes are now easily accessible and wrinkle free!

More Photos

I have more First Class Travel Bar photos here.

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