PGA Tour drug testing should begin in July 2008

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
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PGA TourThe PGA Tour’s new drug testing policy will be starting around July, 2008. Penalties for failing the tests vary from a one-year suspension for first offense, to a lifetime ban for a three-peat offense.

Once again, I say that performance enhancing drugs can’t help a player make a four foot putt…

3 responses to “PGA Tour drug testing should begin in July 2008”

  1. Double Eagle says:

    Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs can’t help someone make a four foot putt, but they can help a player play and practice for longer and recover from fatigue much faster.

    Years ago, people said that working out was a waste of time for golf, and that playing a lot was all that mattered. When players started getting left behind those who were improving their fitness, pretty soon most players adopted some sort of workout routine.

    Being able to practice and work out more without as much rest and being able to show up Sunday with less fatigue from a grueling week is a big advantage over someone who’s playing tired.

    If one player needs to take off a Monday or Tuesday after a tough event to rest and recover while a person on steroids is right back on the practice tee or practice green, then maybe there can be an edge on four footers too.

  2. That’s a stretch but I’ll agree to a small percentage. What I’m getting though, is more of the “mental” side of the game. Anyone can make a 3-footer. But under pressure, players like Sergio Garcia have problems. Steroids or having more strength and endurance can’t counteract a person’s yips or gag reflex.

  3. Double Eagle says:

    I definitely agree with that, Tony. And steroids will never make a good golfer great. But if they give one great golfer even a small advantage over another great golfer, there’s a problem.