Rumor mill: Michael Jordan to design and build his own golf course

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 26th, 2007
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This Tuesday in my local golf league (while shooting a 68 I might add), a pal of mine told me some Michael Jordan nuggets. My pal does heating and air and has been working on MJ’s house for a while. MJ has a house up near Glenwild Golf Course in Park City. My friend’s last gig up there was putting air filters in so when MJ smokes cigars the place doesn’t smell.

MJ supposedly told my buddy that he was going to design and build his own golf course in that area. Must be nice.

One response to “Rumor mill: Michael Jordan to design and build his own golf course”

  1. mwmcgove says:

    Throughout all the success and winnings of tour pros like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and others, golfers and golf fans alike have lost a grasp on what golf is truly about. Golf is not about climbing the money list or winning the most tournaments in one year. Golf is a game of serenity and ease. Today’s game has been transformed into an organization that now fiends on stress, with stakes as high as any other sport. With first place pots of millions of dollars, pros will do anything to get an edge and distance themselves from their opponents. This cut throat reality has turned golf from a sport that helped to relieve stress into exactly the oppositte. The whole purpose of this game is to escape reality. Nothing can beat stress and anxiety better than a relaxing round of golf with your best friends. On the course, everything else disappears. Life’s problems cannot bother you after you smoke a 300 yard drive or drop an eagle putt from 30 feet. This ignorance of your surroundings during a round is the true thrill and meaning of golf. But instead, today’s marketing of the sport and competition has turned everyone’s attention away from this basic meaning and towards the statistics and the money. Unfortunately, today’s game has become exactly what the classic game of golf strove to defeat.





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