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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
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Kaenon SunglassesI’ve been wearing some pretty hip shades lately from Kaenan. Mine are the “Hard Kore” model polarized sport sunglasses. If you’ve seen Davis Love III with shades on, these are the ones.

Kaenon SunglassesTechnology

The Hard Kore model is engineered to accommodate varying head sizes and shapes comfortably. Mine fit very nicely and don’t slip while I’m in the golf swing or bending over a putt.

Kaenon has a proprietary lens material called “SR-91” along with their “Glare 86 Polarizing” element. Sounds pretty high tech… The lens materials are not glass or polycarbonate. The lens combines the crispness and performance of glass with an impact proof high performance material which exceeds government saftey standards.

The SR-91 materials have an independent certified optical acuity and clarity rating of “40” which is the highest possible, while blocking out all harmful UV and blue light.

In short, if you miss that putt it’s not because you couldn’t see the line.

Kaenon SunglassesAccessories & Options

The Hard Core comes with an XL Metal Case and cleaning/carrying pouch. I can’t comment on the XL case because the test glasses I received did come with one.

There are two different lens shapes depending on your facial specs and there are several different lens shades.


The Kaenon Hard Core, along with many other Kaenon models, is Rx adaptable.

On The Course

I found the Hard Kore sunglasses to be extremely comfortable. During the course of a round of golf, I’m not really aware I’m wearing them. During my spastic “granny over-the-top, seizure-jerk, epileptic on crack swing,” the shades stay solid on my head.

My peripheral vision is excellent with the Hard Kores, and I’m able to see the lines and contours of the greens nicely.

I realize how well protected my eyes are when I take the glasses off in the sunlight and my eyes practically hurt for a few seconds while they’re adjusting.

Kaenon Sunglasses


One odd, yet minor thing happens when wearing my Kaenons. I can see checkerboard patterns in my car windows and other car windows while driving if the light is at the correct angle. I suspect this is some kind of aliasing or something between the lenses and the grain in the windows. The pattern is very subtle and doesn’t interfere with my ability to see anything clearly.


The Kaenon Hard Kore sunglasses are a nice option for the golf course and for generally hanging out in the bright Sun. The Hard Kore model is very stylish, light weight and very high performance. Check them out before you pull the trigger on another brand of shades.

I have a few more Kaenon images in the Hooked On Golf Blog Kaenon Gallery.

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