Butterflies and Hurricanes :: A documentary about a close female friend of mine

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
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Butterflies and Hurricanes

This post is to help generate some awareness and some exposure for a film I’ve been involved with in a few different ways. The film is a documentary produced by Film Fatale Productions called Butterflies and Hurricanes.

butterflies and hurricanesbutterflies and hurricanes

“B&H” is the story of Alisanne (Ali) Casey, a female Muay Thai boxer. Ali is a very close and special friend of mine, one of the most amazing and unique women I’ve ever known. You don’t need to ask–yes she can kick my ass. Ali won one world championship, two US championships, one North American championship and two bronze metals in the 2004 & 2006 World Cup tournaments in Bankok, Thailand. B&H shows what it’s like behind the scenes before, during and after a fight in Las Vegas.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is what I’d call full contact boxing, where you not only punch, you can kick, knee and elbow as well. This is the same sport featured on the popular Oxygen Channel show “Fight Girls” with their coach “Master Toddy.”

My Involvement

My personal involvement is not only with Ali but my friend Andrew Poulos, her coach. Andrew and I are very good pals and he is also one of the most special people I’ve known. Andrew is probably the biggest fan my rock & roll band ever had, and came to hundreds of my shows.

On a professional level, I helped my friend Jeanine Corbet, the director of the film, by editing and cleaning up the audio.

Where to see Butterflies and Hurricanes

B&H is doing the independent film circuit and showings have been happening everywhere from L.A. to New York. Check the Film Fatale web site for info. There are also youtube videos to watch too. DVD’s of the film do exist but for promotion currently. I’m sure there’ll be a run of commercially available DVD’s in the future.

B&H featured by the International Museum of Women

You can see the film online right now, courtesy of the International Museum of Women, which features women who have done amazing things worldwide.

“The mission of the International Museum of Women is to value the lives of women around the world. The Museum amplifies the voices of women worldwide through history, the arts and cultural programs that educate, create dialogue, build community, and inspire action. With its unique focus on cultural change, the Museum advances the human right to gender equity worldwide.”

Help spread the word

If you are a blogger or some type of web geek, please help us spread the word about this film and do a post about it!

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